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Humkara with Haleem

Humkara with Haleem

Product Description

Founded by Shri S. K. Sainiji, Humkara with Haleem was a part of Lama Fera but later on separated and was taught as a standalone modality.

Humakara symbol is made by combining vibrations of 3,80,000 mantras whereas Haleem symbol is made by combining vibrations of 1,34,000 mantras. Making it one of the most unique and powerful modality for mental and spiritual growth.

Benefits of HUmkara with Haleem:

  1. Activation of the BRAHMA NADI that opens the higher channel of the subtle body.
  2. Releasing blockages from Vishuddhi Chakra that gives wisdom to access different dimensions and gives power of intuition for financial abundance.
  3. Boosts mental capacity of people of different ages (5-80 years).It accelerates the rate at which an individual executes any work related to mental, emotional & spiritual areas.
  4. It is useful for Judicial, School Going Children, Officials, IT, Researchers, BPO Sector, IPS, IAS, Management and Marketing personnel to enhance productivity.

Expected Results : 1. It increases the rate at which individual’s concentrate, with an increases retentive memory that are prerequisite for excellence. 2. It increases the speed at which people can finish a task. 3. It bestows the practitioner and the receiver with farsightedness, which is prerequisite for stable and consistent abundance in business and all areas of life. By seeing the future trends, you always have an opportunity for course correction. 4. Students excel more in interviews and examinations due to a boosted communication skill as well as improved memory inhibition. 5. It makes your communication fearless, relieves stage fear and fear of communication with higher authorities and masses. 6. By the blessings of Goddess Baglamukhi & Kaali, the practitioner of this modality becomes influenctial in their communication and persuasion, at work and in their finances as well.. 7. Overall increase in effectiveness in your personality - mental, spiritual, emotional and verbal. 8. The Haleem symbols is the most powerful to cut deep rooted cords instantly.

In as little as 4 to 5 hours workshop, anyone can learn how it works.

  1. Increased concentration and retentive memory
  2. Memory increase releasing unwanted attachments and thoughts
  3. Enhances the process of decision making and foresightedness for a better future.
  4. Eases the body of daily stress.
  5. Amends fractured relationship between spouses, boosts profit making for business owners in commodity market. promotes market share, and also promotes mental strength.
Workshop Contents
  1. History of Humkara with Haleem
  2. Three symbols, its meaning and usage.
  3. Process for healing self and others
  4. Sidhhikaran Process for symbols
  5. Attunement procedure.

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